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Li Zhaoting: always holding the dream of building China into a manufacturer of quality


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On the morning of February 6th, Tunghsu Group signed a new energy vehicle project agreement with Suqian government. Vice Party Secretary and Mayor of Suqian Wang Tianqi and Chairman of Tunghsu Group Li Zhaoting attended the ceremony. 

At the beginning of this year, Li Zhaoting has led Tunghsu Group to launch another project successfully, achieving a small goal of benefitting the nation by industries.

Anyone who interviews Li can easily spot that there are lots of words like “nation and family emotion”, “responsibility”, “gratefulness”, and “national mission” in his language system. Even he admits, these words have seeped into his bones.

In 1965, Li was born on an ordinary working-class family in Hebei Xinle. Graduating from the university in 1985, he became a common technician in Shijiazhuang Tiantong Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., an old state-owned company. In his 20, his dream was being a technical expert. 

In 1995, Li became Vice General Manager in his 30. Two years later, he decided to set up his own business and left the company. So now, another entrepreneur who is devoted to benefitting the nation by industries emerged in China.

Benefitting the Nation by Industries

“Making China a country of innovators” was delivered at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Li said Tunghsu Group is exactly a national enterprise that insists the principle of benefitting the nation by industries through many obstacles and difficulties for 20 years.

Li confessed, “When looking back the endeavor for 20 years, Tunghsu Group realized the transformation and rapid development, especially regarding breaking the international giant’s monopoly in optoelectronic display industry to make the TFT-LCD glass substrate produced locally. Someone said ‘A glass demonstrated the national prestige’. Although I don’t dare to say this, I would like to say that just like General Secretary Xi Jinping’s saying ‘Never forget why you started, and stay true to our founding mission,’ all the Tunghsu people have a dream of building China into a manufacturer of quality”.

Under the background of reform and opening up, Tunghsu Group got the rapid development and became the Chinese largest and the world 4th TFT-LCD glass substrate producer. And now Tunghsu has been a diversified industrial group, engaging in high-end manufacturing, new display materials, new energy, energy conservation and other new strategic industries. In the future, these industries will be the focuses of putting the 19th National Congress spirit into action, building China into a manufacturer of quality from a manufacturing power, and constructing a Beautiful China.

As a high-tech group committing to national industries, Tunghsu Group possesses three listed companies, which are Tunghsu Optoelectronic (000413.SZ), Tunghsu Azure (000040.SZ), and Challenge (002486.SZ), and another 200 wholly owned and holding companies. 

In recent years, while maintaining the industrial advantage of optoelectronic display materials and high-end equipment manufacturing, Tunghsu Group has moved into graphene industrialization application, new energy vehicles development and manufacturing, new energy and environmental protection, industrial parks, and other industries encouraged by the state, to form the synergetic diversified industrial layout gradually.

Therein, besides new energy vehicles, smart city construction is another important industrial orientation for Tunghsu Group led by Li.

On September 2017, Tunghsu announced the graphene thermolysis high power LED lights called "Super Light" at the 2017 International Graphene Innovation Conference.

Tunghsu sees its graphene LED lights as the management platform for the whole smart city. These lights have modularization structure design and retain multiple universal interfaces. So that they can integrate kinds of information technology to achieve functions of smart lightening, WIFI hotspot, environment information collection, intelligent monitoring of security and road, information release, emergency visual alarm, making the city lightening be in an intelligent interconnection situation.

In Wuxi Hong Mountain IoT town and Shanghai Yangpu Bin River, Tunghsu has put its graphene LED lights into the IoT application practice in some situations like single light control, monitoring of manhole cover and parking by LoRa spread spectrum communication technology.

Meanwhile, Tunghsu launched graphene car light, which can connect with smart road lights to construct smart city jointly.

By December 2017, these products mentioned above have started going abroad to the international market. And Li practiced his dream of benefitting the nation by industries further. 

Typically, Tunghsu signed the Agreement on Cooperation for Jointly Building Smart Cities with related institutions from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Mongolia. At the same time, Tunghsu signed the Exclusive Agency Contract and Sale Contract for Graphene Thermolysis High Power LED Lights valued more than RMB 10 million with Japan Okura Co., Ltd.

At that time, Li once showed that these agreements seized the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative and accelerated Tunghsu’s internationalization. The smart city is the general trend of future city development. So that Tunghsu can tap into the advantage of graphene, new energy vehicles, and other fields to support the construction of smart city with enterprises from countries along the Belt and Road.

Li said, “I was born in the north part of China, and I experienced the air pollution like the smog. Therefore, I have great empathy with ‘Speeding up Reform of the System for Developing an Ecological Civilization and Building a Beautiful China’ in the 19th National Congress. In terms of Tunghsu, we are going to increase investment in new energy vehicles, photovoltaic power generation, wastewater treatment, hazardous and solid waste treatment, and other fields where our country needs to develop urgently."

Poverty Alleviation and Helping People

Benefitting the nation by industries is finally for more Chinese people’ happy life.

On December 16th, 2017, China Xiaokang Forum hosted by China Association of Poverty Alleviation & Development and Xiaokang Magazine was held in Beijing. Li was on the list of Top 10 China Moderately Prosperous Outstanding Contribution People 2017 by his prominent contribution in benefitting the nation by industries and targeted poverty alleviation.

At the conference, Li said, “Tunghsu people never forget why we started and stay true to our founding mission. We will keep benefitting the nation by industries to make contributions to building China into a manufacturer of quality, to improving living standards, and to constructing a moderately prosperous society in all respects. "

In terms of poverty alleviation and reduction, the last kilometer of the moderately prosperous society, Li leads Tunghsu Group to take the social responsibility. They combine corporate development with targeted poverty alleviation to practice industrial poverty alleviation and to promote the blood-making poverty alleviation in lots of poverty-stricken areas. 

By the end of September 2017, 100 MW photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, the largest industrial poverty alleviation project Tunghsu Group ever constructed in Jilin Wangqing County, achieved the grid-connected with the estimated annual power generation of 124 million KWh. This project will provide poverty alleviation fund of 12 million yuan every year and can help 4000 households shake off poverty. So far photovoltaic power stations for targeted poverty alleviation specially have helped more than 100 villages. 

Meantime, Tunghsu Group is also exploring characteristic targeted poverty alleviation modes that can integrate with local traits, such as combination of solar power generation and modern agriculture planting, Tujia Minority ecological cultural tourism poverty development in Anhui Jinzhai County, Hunan Xiangxi Longshan County, and other areas. Additionally, to improve the living environment, Tunghsu Group also engages in aquatic environment restoration and operation, soil and mine restoration, hazardous and solid waste treatment, etc.

Tunghsu Group also makes great donations to poverty-stricken areas. On February 2017, Tunghsu donated 5 million yuan to Jinsui old revolutionary area by Shanxi Province Jinsui Culture Education and Development Foundation. On Aril 2017, the group donated poverty alleviation fund of 20 million yuan to Tibet Autonomous Region.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China noted that the period between now and 2020 will be decisive in finishing building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

Li said, “As a senior Party member, I keep my mission firmly in mind. As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, Tunghsu Group, one of the extraordinary private enterprises, will contribute more to the development of the private economy and to moderately prosperous society in all respects.”
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